Why is the Office of the Medical Examiner involved?

Arizona Revised Statute (A.R.S.) §11-593 requires that the following deaths be reported to the Office of the Medical Examiner:

•Death when not under the current care of a health care provider as defined pursuant to section §36-301. •Death resulting from violence. •Unexpected or unexplained death. •Death of a person in a custodial agency as defined in section §13-4401. •Unexpected or unexplained death of an infant or child. •Death occurring in a suspicious, unusual or non-natural manner, including death from an accident believed to be related to the deceased person's occupation or employment. •Death occurring as a result of anesthetic or surgical procedures. •Death suspected to be caused by a previously unreported or undiagnosed disease that constitutes a threat to public safety. •Death involving unidentifiable bodies.

It is up to the Medical Examiner to determine if a case meets jurisdictional requirements to further investigate and certify the cause and manner of death on the death certificate.

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3. Why is the Office of the Medical Examiner involved?
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