What is a variance?
A variance is an approval or waiver issued by the Department that authorizes a deviation from one or more requirements of the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code (MCEHC) for the construction or modification of a public or semi-public pool, wading pool or special use pool, spa or artificial bathing lake if, in the opinion of the Department, a health hazard, safety or nuisance will not result from the deviation.

To assist you to obtain approval for designs that include commonly submitted pool and spa features that are not addressed in the regulations, the Department has posted a reference tool. The document provides design guidance for a list of features that can be approved in plan review without a variance, and features that can be approved through a time-saving, direct appeal variance process. It also lists features that must be submitted through the formal variance process. Typical stipulations are included for each variance.

Additional information about variances can be found on the
Variance Information page.

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1. What is a variance?
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