How does sentencing occur, and when?
If you enter into a plea agreement or if you are found guilty after trial, you will be scheduled for sentencing approximately one month later. Before the sentencing date, you will meet with a probation officer who will prepare a report for the judge. The report will include a recommendation for your sentence. You should discuss this process with your attorney before you meet with the probation officer. In addition, provide your attorney with letters of support, personal references and other information that could motivate the judge to look more favorably upon you at your sentencing.

At sentencing, your attorney will have the opportunity to speak on your behalf. You also will have the chance to speak to the judge. If you want anyone else to speak on your behalf at sentencing, let you attorney know in advance of the hearing. Those who cannot attend sentencing can submit a letter on your behalf. The letters may be addressed to the sentencing judge, but should be sent to your attorney so the attorney can review them and submit them to the Court on your behalf.

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