What records are in the Plat Index?

Recorded Information:

The Plat Index contains all of the surveys, barring any oversights or indexing errors, that were recorded at the Maricopa County Recorder’s office as indexed under the MAP TYPE "Plat" and "Survey" (Book of Plats and Book of Surveys) starting at Book 1 Page 1 for both.

  1. Book of Plats: Book 1 Page 1 through current.

  2. Book of Surveys: Book 1 Page 1 through Book 3 Page 37 (Which was the last Book of Surveys map recorded. It was recorded on 8-29-1991)

In addition, it contains some surveys that were completed on 8½ x 11 that are recorded under the Maricopa Recorders Office document code for corner recorded survey.

Unrecorded Information:

As of February of 2001, MCDOT has made a concerted effort to index unrecorded surveys donated from private firms or public agencies. The collection is NOT comprehensive, the appropriate firm or agency should always be contacted for additional information.

Moreover, the Plat Index may contain some MCDOT, ADOT, SRP, APS or various other agency plans/surveys (i.e. Right of Way, As Builts, etc) but it is NOT a substitute for contacting that agency for information.

Information Not in the Plat Index:

  1. Book of Roads:

    Book 1 Page 1 through Book 33 Page 98 (Which was the last Book of Roads map recorded. It was recorded on 4-30-1991)

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