Licenses & Permits

The Clerk of the Board provides application processing and assistance for statutorily mandated procedures to applicants and/or requestors so they can conduct or maintain community related activities.

Maricopa County does not issue a General Business license. The Arizona Department of Revenue provides a Licensing Guide for obtaining business licenses in Arizona.

Certain Food establishment and activity permits are obtained through Maricopa County Environmental Services.

For questions regarding the application process for Maricopa County, please call the Clerk of the Board's Office at: 602-506-3766 or send an email.
  1. Bingo Licenses
  2. Fireworks Display Permits
  3. Liquor Licenses & Permits
  4. OTB/County Fair Licenses
  5. Public Service Franchises
  6. Uniform Video Service License
Bingo License applications are submitted to the Clerk of the Board for local jurisdiction recommendation and then forwarded to the Arizona Department of Revenue (AZDOR) for issuance of license.

For more information regarding the Bingo application process or to download the required application and forms, please contact the AZDOR Bingo Unit at: 602-716-7801 or visit the  AZDOR website. 
The first step is to submit your application to Maricopa County as the Local Governing Body.

Submit application to:
    Maricopa County Clerk of the Board
    301 West Jefferson Street, 10th Floor
    Phoenix, AZ 85003

Fax: 602-506-6402

 Email the Clerk


Bingo Licenses require a public hearing prior to Board of Supervisors approval. Setting the public hearing and the actual hearing will take place at two separate Formal Board of Supervisor meetings (See the Clerk's Annual Meeting Notice (PDF) for upcoming meeting dates). If approved, the Clerk's Office can forward the application to AZDOR or the applicant may hand - deliver the application themselves. Formal Board meetings are usually scheduled two times per month, so please plan ahead and allow sufficient time for processing the application.