Adopt a Road

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Thank you for contacting the Maricopa County Department of Transportation Adopt a Road Program.

If you are a current Adopt a Road group leader, your permit is active and you have gone through the group leader training, you can once again schedule cleanups. When requesting a cleanup date, please be sure to include your group name, permit number and adopted road location, along with your contact information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are new to the Adopt a Road program and have not received group leader training, or your group permit is expired, MCDOT asks that you refrain from doing cleanups for a little while longer. Our program is in transition, and we are in the process of hiring a new Adopt a Road Coordinator. We won’t be able to do training or process permits until the position is filled.

*Please note: We will be monitoring emails ( and voicemails (602-506-4068) during this time and will reply at our earliest convenience.*

  1. Adopt A Highway Program

    Physical Address
    2901 W Durango Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85003

    Phone: 602-506-4068