Legal Defender

The Maricopa County Office of the Legal Defender is one of four offices that represents indigent clients in criminal, juvenile dependency and severance, civil mental health, and criminal appeals cases as appointed by the Superior Court.

Serving the Public

The Office of the Legal Defender continues to rival any private sector counterpart in legal knowledge, effectiveness, efficiency, and fiscal responsibility.

Maintaining Best Practices

With the finest legal representation as the overriding goal, the Office maintains its successful operating practice of:
  • Participating in inter-agency activities to maintain currentness and cooperation
  • Providing training opportunities to Office members to enhance their skills
  • Supporting the in-house and inter-agency use of advanced technology
  • Updating Office members on legal issues, court matters, and governmental policy changes

Meeting Goals

Increased use of advanced technology allows the Office of the Legal Defender to meet goals of serving clients, and subsequently the general public, in a measurable, cost-effective manner.