Planning for Shared Use

This section includes things to consider and activities to complete BEFORE GETTING STARTED including resources on liability, interactive checklists, and helpful tools.

1. Shared Use 101 

Shared use is a smart solution that leverages existing facilities, properties and resources and engages community partners to open spaces up for the benefit of an entire community.

2. Is Shared Use For Me?

While people often think that schools are the sole initiators of shared use projects, many different organizations and institutions can commit to opening their facilities or offering services for the community in shared spaces. The resources which follow are tailored to both our “traditional” and “less traditional” shared use champions. 

3. Starting With Why

If you're in need of more places to be physically active, more land to grow food, spaces for people to gather, shared use spaces can help achieve that. Starting with a close look at what your community and neighbors need will provide the foundation for your project.

4. Enlist Your Partners

Think about what other organizations you might collaborate with to best reach your shared use vision. Partners might be organizations geographically close to you, those who have previously worked with you, someone with a resource that you need, an agency with a similar mission who serves the same populations as you, or someone you haven’t even met yet.

5. Understand Liability

Arizona statute limits your liability. In most cases, as long as there is not gross negligence, a public or private owner, easement holder, lessee, tenant, manager or occupant of premises is not liable to a recreational or educational user.

6. Plan of Action

Go from vision to reality with a solid plan of action. Use these planning tools to gain clarity and make it happen.