Compliance and Enforcement Information

This page contains links to compliance and enforcement information, including notice of violation (NOV) status and supplemental environmental projects.
Adopted rules, departmental policies, technical guidance, and other resources may be found through the Resources for the Regulated Community page.

Air Quality Compliance and Enforcement Division

The Air Quality Compliance and Enforcement Division is responsible for ensuring that facilities are in compliance with applicable regulations and permit conditions.

Compliance and Enforcement Program Contacts

Look into who is best to contact for compliance and enforcement, as well as the point of contact for programs run by compliance and enforcement.

Diesel Idling

Information about diesel idling and Maricopa County restrictions on diesel idling.


The Maricopa County Air Quality Compliance and Enforcement Division is responsible for ensuring compliance with federal, state and county air pollution regulations.

Notice of Violation (NOV) Status

Learn more about notices of violation and how they are documented and updated for public view by Maricopa County.

Supplemental Environmental Projects

Supplemental environmental projects (SEPs) are environmentally beneficial projects not otherwise legally required that a respondent agrees to undertake as part of a settlement agreement to resolve an enforcement action.

Air Pollution Hearing Board

The mission of the Air Pollution Hearing Board is to provide a mechanism for industrial air pollution sources in the county whereby compliance with emissions standards can be achieved without loss of production, reduction of labor force, and/or strained financial conditions.

Page reviewed 09 April 2019