Version 3.5.4

Release Date

August 5, 2008


This patch will fix a problem when importing a Drainage Design Management System for Windows (DDMSW) 2.1.0 Rational Method project into DDMSW 3.5.2.

For those users who want to import the Rational Method projects developed under the DDMSW 2.1.0 into DDMSW 3.5.2, the following error message displays: "Error 107/ Operator/operand type mismatch" due to the database table structure change between DDMSW 2.1.0 and DDMSW 3.5.2. After applying this patch, this problem will be fixed.

For those users who do not have any Rational Method projects developed under DDMSW 2.1.0 or do not plan to import such projects into DDMSW 3.5.2, this issue will never show up.

Upgrading DDMSW 3.5.2 to DDMSW 3.5.4

After applying DDMSW 3.5.4 patch, the DDMSW 3.5.2 software will be replaced by DDMSW 3.5.4 and the data will be preserved. But it is still highly recommended backing up the project data from DDMSW 3.5.2 before conducting the upgrade.

Follow the following steps to upgrade.
  1. Right-click the Installation File (ZIP) and choose "Save Target As" to download the self-extract file FCDMCPATCH354.EXE to the installation folder of DDMSW 3.5.2 (By default, the installation folder of DDMSW 3.5.2 is C:\FCDMC\ST. To make sure this is the right folder, you can check if there is an executable file called "stl.exe" in this folder.)
  2. Double-click on FCDMCPATCH354.EXE to self-extract files in the installation folder of DDMSW 3.5.2. Due to the size of this executable file, it might take a few minutes to extract all the files in the package depending on the processing speed of the end user's computer.
  3. An information message box pops up which reads "All items for DDMSW Patch were successfully extracted" once the upgrade process is finished.
  4. After the DDMSW 3.5.2 is upgraded to DDMSW 3.5.4 successfully, the version info (by clicking Help => About after the DDMSW 3.5.4 is launched) will be displayed as DDMSW 3.5.4. But this upgrade will not automatically upgrade the existing DDMSW 3.5.2 shortcut and the name of the installation folder.


If you have any questions, please email Dr. Carlos Carriaga.