Version 5.3.0

Release Date

April 12, 2016
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About Drainage Design Management System for Windows, Version 5.3.0

The Drainage Design Management System for Windows (DDMSW) program was initially developed as a pre-processing tool for HEC-1 modeling. In recent years, functionalities of the DDMSW program have been extended to also include Hydraulics and River Mechanics.

The new version of the program (DDMSW 5.3.0) offers much-improved features and capabilities on the three core modules of the program. On the Hydrology module, DDMSW enhances the development of HEC-1 model and the use of Rational Method including post-processing and better precision reporting of model results. On River Mechanics module, the program provides refined procedures in performing scour evaluation, riprap sizing, launch-able riprap design, sediment yield analysis, and lateral erosion investigation.

The new release of the program also offers new tools and improved functionalities of the Storm Drainage Hydraulics module.

New Features of DDMSW 5.3.0

DDMSW 5.3.0 offers a simplified GUI of the program. When a new project is created, users can select which module(s) to use so that the program can only deploy the menu items that are relevant to the module(s) selected. This improvement eliminates unnecessary menu items that are not used by the program. In addition to the GUI enhancement, there are new features and capabilities of DDMSW 5.3.0.


  • Use of shapefile to assemble routing data for normal depth, kinematic wave, and Muskingum-Cunge.
  • Activation of warning for XKSAT values with -9999 or "null" values.
  • Increased precision (2 decimal places) for "max volume" in the DT card.
  • Issues associated with NOAA2 rainfall data have been fixed.
  • Use "Limit Tc to 100 Year" limited only for Clark Method.
  • Precision issue on the "Area" from the flow summary form has been fixed.
  • Required map fields for Lca shapefile have been added.
  • "Import HEC-1 file" in hydrology is now enabled.
  • Updates and corrections on land use data.
  • Increase precisions for "Peak Storage," and "Stage."
  • Correction of the "Steps" label to "NSTPS."
  • Mouse tips on data entries.
  • Simplified import functionality for data.
  • Increased precisions for the "Storage Volume," "Surface Area," "Elevation" and "Discharge" in Rational Method.

River Mechanics

  • Import of peak flows and volumes from hydrology model results for use in river mechanics.
  • Import of cross-section data from other projects.
  • Import of HEC-RAS data table has been fixed.
  • Sediment bed load computation to use average width.
  • "Instructions for Riprap" document to use "Bank Slope."
  • Correction of the "Lateral Erosion Graphics."
  • Correction of the 2-year average velocity for bed load.
  • Equilibrium slope diagram to show on the "Instructions" document.
  • Replacement of "length" with "distance" on lateral erosion analysis form.
  • Import of scour depths into the lateral erosion form.
  • Import of riprap size and scour depths into the launch-able riprap form.
  • Improved cross-section hydraulics results form for River Mechanics.
  • Added "Comment Box" on the "Wash Load" form.
  • Added "Comment Box" on the "Bed Load" form.
  • Added new land use codes for sediment yield analysis.
  • Mouse tips on data entries.
  • Improved import functionality.

Storm & Street Drainage Hydraulics

  • Manning's equation calculator.
  • Incorporation of the MAG catch basin inlets.
  • Modified Street Drainage Calculator form and instructions.
  • Increased precisions for Street Drainage Calculator flow rates.
  • Updated City of Phoenix (COP) catch basin inlet data.
  • Added "Info" button for StormPro Backwater analysis.
  • Tab order for the conveyance facilities form has been fixed.
  • Design flow rate issue for the street drainage calculator has been fixed.
  • Mouse tips on data entries.
  • Improved import functionality.