Developing a New HEC-1 Model Using GIS Data

About the Tutorial

This tutorial illustrates the development of a HEC-1 model using shapefile datasets from GIS.

Download the supporting data files (ZIP)

Data Sets

The data sets include:
  • Flow Paths (L, Lca, or Tc)
  • Land Use
  • Rainfall
  • Routes
  • Soils
  • Sub-Basins


The procedure includes a guide in customizing the data fields for each data set such as names, data types, and data lengths. The Drainage Design Management System for Windows program evaluates and compiles the model parameters from these shapefile data sets and create a HEC-1 model based on the model network created by the user.

DDMSW creates six (6) models for six standard return intervals hard-coded in the program, namely the following storm events:
  • 2-Year
  • 5-Year
  • 10-Year
  • 25-Year
  • 50-Year
  • 100-Year

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