Title V Permit Information


Title V is a federal program designed to standardize air quality permits and the permitting process for major sources of emissions across the country. Title V of the 1990 federal Clean Air Act Amendments required the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish a national operating permit program, and required states and local permitting authorities to develop and submit a federally enforceable operating permit program for EPA approval.

The Title V program air quality agencies issue comprehensive operating permits to facilities that emit significant amounts of air pollutants. For all implementing agencies in the country, there are standard requirements for permit programs and permit content.

Duration of Permits

Title V Permits have a 5 year term.


Applications for permit renewals are due no sooner than 18 months before expiration of the Title V permit and no later than 6 months prior to the expiration.


The fees for Title V operating permits as well as all other permits issued by Maricopa County Air Quality Department can be found in the current schedule of Air Quality Permit Fees.

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