CAREWare Access Request

Access to the Maricopa County network is offered to provide a connection to the CAREWare centralized database for reporting of client level demographics and service data. All RWPA staff requesting access to CAREWare, must complete the following steps.
  1. Complete the New Provider Staff Checklist (PDF).
  2. Complete your HIPAA training. Please see your supervisor regarding your agency's standard HIPAA training. If needed, the Ryan White Part A Program can provide a Maricopa County HIPAA training CD. Request the HIPAA Training CD.
  3. Review Policy A1609 - Acceptable Use of County Technology Resources.
  4. Submit the following three forms via email.
  5. Install the current version of CAREWare on your computer.
  6. Establish access to Maricopa County network: For agencies that are not directly linked, this will require the use of a VPN and F5 fob.
  7. Login to CAREWare at least one time.