The Flood Control District cares about the health of our customers, employees, and the community. 

To that end, we are taking steps to reduce foot traffic in county buildings and request customers to conduct their business electronically.

The following options are available for customers to submit permit applications:

Working together, we can create a built environment that preserves water conveyance and provides habitat for wildlife.

Which Permit Do You Need?

Floodplain Use Permit

Floodplain Use Permits are issued by the Flood Control District of Maricopa County for development in a floodplain, including extraction of sand and gravel or other material. Even if you may not need a building permit for your project, if you are doing work within a designated floodplain, you are required to obtain a Floodplain Use Permit before you build, grade, fill, install any type of wall or fencing, or perform any other man-made change to the property.

Right-of-Way Use Permit

The Flood Control District requires a Right-of-Way Use Permit be obtained prior to any development or access requested on property that the District owns or has easements over and/or on structures we maintain.

Additional Permits

Applications for subdivision plats, zoning and other processes, and building permits for unincorporated Maricopa County are handled through the Department of Planning and Development. Cities and towns in incorporated Maricopa County process their own building permits for development within the city/town limits.

Are you installing a manufactured homes or factory-built building? You must also apply for an installation permit at the Arizona Department of Housing Manufactured Housing Division. Other permits, such as the Floodplain Use Permit, may be required prior to receiving the installation permit.

What Is the Status of My Permit?

Check the current status of your Floodplain Use Permit.

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