AQD Online Portal (IMPACT)

This page will be updated regularly as the department transitions to the new Online Portal. Additional documents and information will become available as needed.


The AQD Online Portal was updated on May 11, 2020. This update corrected the following errors that users were encountering when attempting to use the AQD Online Portal:

  • A blue screen with the message – Error – that some users were encountering when clicking on the “Task Emissions Inventory” tab.
  • An error that was forcing users back to their Shared CROMERR Services (SCS) Dashboard immediately after they clicked “Visit” or intermittently while working in the AQD Online Portal.
  • An error that was preventing individuals who were registered as both a Certifier and a Preparer from submitting information through the AQD Online Portal.

What is the AQD Online Portal?

The AQD Online Portal (IMPACT) is the Maricopa County Air Quality Department’s (MCAQD) new online inventory, monitoring, permitting, and compliance tracking data system. The portal will allow users to submit and track applications, reports, and documents electronically to MCAQD. Some system functionalities include:

  • Create and submit Emissions Inventory
  • Submit applications
  • Make facility and contact updates
  • Submit compliance reports

Accessing the AQD Online Portal

Each individual that requires access to the AQD Online Portal must first create a SCS Electronic Signature. This is completed through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SCS electronic reporting site. If your organization/company already holds a current permit with MCAQD, see the guide below for instructions on creating your SCS Electronic Signature.

The access and use of a SCS Electronic Signature requires the creation of a user ID and password that must be kept confidential. A SCS Electronic Signature is for individual use only, and cannot be shared or accessed by anybody other than the original owner. For more information, see the SCS Terms and Conditions.

Please fill out the following information only if you are an outside consultant hired by a facility that holds a MCAQD permit. You will not have access to complete tasks in the AQD Online Portal (IMPACT) until this information is received and processed by MCAQD.

Please fill out the following information only if your organization/company has never had a permit with MCAQD, or if your organization/company has recently changed ownership. Do not fill out this form if your organization/company already has a current permit with MCAQD

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Page reviewed 12 May 2020