Permitting Services

The Maricopa County Department of Planning and Development is responsible for regulating development activity and land use within the unincorporated areas of Maricopa County. Obtaining the necessary permits is the first step in ensuring your development activity is successful.

The value and safety of your structure rely heavily on obtaining a building permit prior to construction. A building permit is your reassurance that your building plans, as well as the structure you build, will be inspected for minimum code safety.


All plan sets submitted on paper will need to be folded prior to acceptance at the Intake Counter.  This will assist with our efforts to provide our customers with timely turnaround services by allowing our review staff to focus on the plan details.

All plan sets of 30 pages or less are to be folded, not exceeding approximately 9" x 12" in size, and with the title block (or bottom right portion) facing up.  Plan sets of over 30 pages may be submitted as rolled plans.  Please see the below step-by-step guide for properly folding plans (30 pages or less).

Folding Diagram

  1. Commercial Construction
  2. Residential Construction
Commercial construction can be defined as any structure intended to house commercial activity or those structures which are located on property with either commercial or industrial zoning. There are two broad categories of commercial development: new and tenant improvements. Please refer to the Commercial Construction page for more details.
Your commercial project may need to consider land conditions affecting the drainage systems and patterns of the area in which you wish to build. For information about drainage regulations and requirements, please refer to the Drainage Review page.
To immediately view submittal requirements for all permit types, open the Submittal Matrix (PDF). Refer to specific application packets for more in depth information.