The following videos highlight the right and wrong ways to handle common ethical dilemmas. Below the videos, you will find key control points to encourage ethical behavior.  Also, see related policies and articles regarding ethics.
  1. Making the Right Choice Part 1
  2. Making the Right Choice Part 2

Control Points

  • An ethical tone at the top will help deter misconduct and unethical behavior.
  • A strong Internet usage policy will help prevent abusive Internet usage and increase employee productivity.
  • An organization's policies and procedures should specifically designate the appropriate use of time, and specifically prohibit an employee's use of position and other organizational resources for personal gain.
  • Hiring practices should be equitable; personal motives for hiring job candidates should always be avoided.
  • An organization should develop a communication methodology (such as a fraud hotline) by which employees can report misconduct without fear of retribution.