Juvenile Court

A juvenile, someone between the ages of 8 and 18, who is charged with a criminal offense is accused of being delinquent. A juvenile court is designated to handle all juvenile delinquency cases.
  1. Community Resources

    Examine a list of resources available in the Maricopa County community.

  2. Delinquency Court Process

    Gather more information about the Delinquency Court process of Maricopa County.

  3. DNA Testing

    Access important information about DNA testing and court ordered registration for juveniles.

  4. Driver's License Suspension

    Learn more about the crimes which can cause the suspension of a Driver's License for individuals under 18 years of age and what the suspension periods are for each infraction.

  5. Emancipation of Minors

    Arizona permits teens who are sixteen or seventeen to file a motion to become emancipated.

  6. Mental Competency FAQs

    Review the most frequently asked questions regarding mental competency and learn more about the process of determination.

  7. Rights Regarding Appeals

    Check out the most frequently asked questions regarding appeals and rights surrounding them.

  8. Terms of Probation (PDF)

    View or download form number JV-7050-JCA, the Terms and Conditions of Probation form for the Arizona Superior Court of Maricopa County, Juvenile Division.

  9. Warrants Call-In

    Juveniles who have had warrants issued by the Juvenile Court in Maricopa County may call into the juvenile court and have a warrant hearing set by the next business day.