Boards & Commissions H - N

  1. Housing Authority Advisory Committee

    The mission of the Housing Authority of Maricopa County is to improve the quality of life of families and strengthen communities by developing and sustaining affordable housing programs; and to become a leading housing authority by exemplifying best practices, offering innovative affordable housing programs, and expanding accessibility throughout Maricopa County.

  2. Industrial Development Authority Board

    The Industrial Development Authority Board performs an essential government function by assisting in the financing of commercial and industrial enterprises; safe, sanitary and affordable housing; and healthcare facilities.

  3. Legislative Governmental Mall Commission

    The mission of the Legislative Governmental Mall Commission is to develop and promote a common master plan for the Governmental Mall by meeting with major stakeholders and acting as a catalyst to solve problems and promote site improvements in the mall area.

  4. Library District Citizens' Advisory Committee

    The mission of the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Maricopa County Library District is to advise the Library District Board of Directors (Maricopa County Board of Supervisors), serve as a facilitator of communication, and act as a liaison between the community and the Library Administration.

  5. Maricopa Agricultural Extension Board

    Cooperative Extension plays a unique role by bringing the University of Arizona to both urban and rural Maricopa County. Maricopa County is home to almost four million people, each with unique needs. Extension provides practical information and education to help people make their lives better. Outreach efforts translate relevant University of Arizona research into effective practices people can put to immediate use in their homes and businesses.

  6. Maricopa Workforce Development Board

    The Maricopa Workforce Development Board (MCWDB) shall be established to assist the BOS as the Chief Local Elected Officials in strategic planning, oversight, and evaluation of the local workforce development area, and shall promote effective outcomes consistent with statewide goals, objectives, and negotiated local performance.

  7. Merit Systems Commission

    The Maricopa County Merit System Commissions are actually 2 commissions in 1. The Commissions are responsible for overseeing the Employee Merit System Rules (under the provisions of A.R.S. § 11-351 through § 11-357) and the Law Enforcement Officers Merit System Resolution (A.R.S. § 38-1001 through 38-1007).